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When my osteoarthritis didn't improve with prescription painkillers or orthotics, I considered acupuncture. Thankfully, I selected Dr. Liu. After just one treatment, I could bend my ankle. In combination with some Chinese medicine, I am virtually without pain and can get back to walking my dog. - Margaret Rosso, 2008

With my second child, I was only able to provide 10-20% of the breast milk she needed during the first month. Since I didn't breastfeed my firstborn, I was planning to give up breastfeeding. When Dr. Liu began acupuncture, I can provide at least 50% of the breast milk to my daughter. I'm really happy with this situation. - Susan Liu, 2005

My husband and I began treatments with Dr. Liu for our anemia. My husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor in August of 2003 and has been on chemotherapy. Consequently, his blood count dropped far below normal ranges, to the extent that he had to stop chemotherapy. After Dr. Liu's therapy, his blood count has returned to the normal range. I had developed anemia from extremely uncomfortable and heavy menstrual cycles. With acupuncture, Dr. Liu created a more normal monthly cycle and my iron levels have returned to healthy levels.
- Karen Motyka, 2004

After failing to get pregnancy for one year, I was fortunate to have found Dr. Liu. After two months of treatment, I was able to get pregnant. Now I'm a happy mom. It's wonderful! - Constance Teng, 2006

Neck, Shoulder and Back Pain
As a consequence of sitting at a computer for too long, my neck, shoulders and back have always been in pain. Right before Christmas of 2004, the pain became so severe that I needed my roommate's help to turn myself in bed. It's really hard to imagine how painful it was until I experienced it. Thankfully, a friend introduced me to Dr. Liu. After one hour of acupuncture at my home, I was able to move myself out of bed! Although the pain still lingered, it was dramatically reduced. After several more treatments, I feel quite healed. I have been introducing him to many friends, so that we can all be released from pain or any other discomfort. - Ting Ting Lu, 2004